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Players have access to a variety of weapons in Lineage 2 Revolution. There are a total of 6 weapon types: Sword & Shield, Spear, Dual Swords, Dagger, Bow and Staff. Players can equip any weapon, however class skills can only be cast if a weapon matching their class is equipped. This allows Mystics to use Bows, or even Warriors to use a Staff. Equipping weapons from other classes changes your basic attack and attack range to that of the equipped weapon, while decreasing your damage. It is only recommended to equip another class' weapon to farm weak monsters (see Monster Codex)

Sets[edit | edit source]

In Lineage 2 Revolution, there are hundreds of different items of Equipment, including all of the famous of equipment in the original version, as well as completely new equipment.

Sword[edit | edit source]

Shield[edit | edit source]

Spear[edit | edit source]

  • Great Axe - P.Atk: 71 / Specific features : Add Damage 5% to Boss for Lv.1
  • Scorpion - P.Atk: 71
  • Lance - P.Atk: 71 / / Specific features : Add Damage 5% to Normal Monster for Lv.1

Dual Swords[edit | edit source]

Daggers[edit | edit source]

Bows[edit | edit source]

Staff[edit | edit source]