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The following is the update schedule for Lineage 2 Revolution. The patch history only shows patches that change the core gameplay. Patches for limited events are not recorded on this page. Visit the official Netmarble forums for full details.

Current Version[edit | edit source]

v0.16.05 (REAL) [August 23 2017]

Update Details[edit | edit source]

1.  New Boss, "Marsha", in Deathly Fog Shores! 

You can now challenge yourself even more by defeating the new Field Boss. Marsha is definitely a force to be reckoned with! You can find Marsha in the Deathly Fog Shores!

In addition, the following changes have been made following Marsha's arrival in Deathly Fog Shores. 

  • You can now find Marsha in the Monster codex
  • Giran-Boss Summoning Stone (Marsha) has been added. 
  • Marsha has been added to the Boss Status Board. 
  • Marsha has been added to the Party filter.
  • Marsha's loot box has been added. 

2.    Fortress Siege

After this update you will see a lot of changes in the Fortress Siege. Take a look below to see what is coming!

Fortress Siege Regular Season

- The Fortress Siege Pre-Season will end after this update and the Regular Season will open on 8/25.  The records of the conquered fortresses up to the 8/18 Fortress Siege will be reset.

Dion Territory Added to Fortress Siege

- Plains of Dion Fortress, Cruma Swamp Fortress, Summit of Dissonance Fortress and Shrieking Hallows Fortress have been added. 

Fortress Grades Added

- The Fortresses in the different regions have been classified into different grades. You can obtain various rewards and buffs depending on the grade of the Fortress.  In addition, Fortress region buffs will be changed to Grade Buffs. Have a look at the table below to see the changes! 

3.    Clan Shop Renewal 

- New items and purchase conditions have been added to the Clan Shop.

- The Clan level required to purchase some items has been changed.

- The condition to have conquered a Fortress in order to purchase certain items has been changed. You will now be able to purchase certain items depending on the grade of the fortress conquered.

 4.    The 80th Floor of the Tower of Insolence! 

You can now rise up to the 80th floor in the Tower of Insolence. You will meet much stronger monsters that will definitely challenge you!

5.    Others

A Varnish tab has been added to the Trading Post category. 

When you login with your character for the first time the default setting for Erika will be on

The maximum number of Clan members has been adjusted. 

          - Clan Level 1~10: Maximum 30 members

          - Clan Level 11~30: Maximum 50 members (After level 10, the maximum number of members increases by 1 every time the clan level increases) 

Previous Updates[edit | edit source]

August 23 2017

July 31 2017(Minor)

July 26 2017

July 12 2017

June 28 2017

June 25 2017(Minor)

June 16 2017(CDN Patch)