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Rare Skills

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Rare Skills are a system implemented in Lineage 2 Revolution. The Rare Skills are composed of active skills that can be used by any class and are powerful regardless of the class using it. Each character can have up to two Rare Skills active on their skill bar. Rare skills can only be learnt by using Rare Forgotten Scrolls; additional scrolls will increase the skill level for rare skills you have already acquired. There are various rare skills in the world of Lineage 2: Revolution and they await the day they will be brought to light.

Official Summary[edit | edit source]

Lineage 2 Revolution is implementing a rare skill system. With this system, experienced adventurers who have gone through a lot of training can use powerful skills regardless of their race or class. Unlike ordinary skills which can only e learned by attaining the appropriate level, rare skills can be learnt by making a Rare Forgotten Scroll after obtaining a Skill Page.

There are various types of Rare Skills. There is a wide range of uses for the skills regardless of what class uses it. There are also attractive skills that can inflict strong damage regardless of what class uses them. Why not challenge yourself and show your character strength by obtaining the rarest skill regardless of race, class, armor, or defense.

Skill pages and Forgotten Scrolls[edit | edit source]

Rare Forgotten Scrolls can be made by binding Skill Pages obtained from Field Raid bosses, clan dungeon or bought from the trading post. The number of skill pages required may differ according to the type of Forgotten Scroll. As of 25 June 2017 there are four known rare skills available.

Skill Name Skill Pages


Dropped by Description
Missile Bolt 10 - Main Quest Reward

- Spirit Shepherd

- Zodiac

This powerful skill deals critical damage to a single target.
Meteor Shower 10 - Clan Dungeon, Normal difficulty or higher This skill is ideal for attacking many enemies in a large area
Absolute Shield 10 - Silverbeard

- Kazir

This skill greatly improves your Def. so you are able to withstand powerful enemies
Healing Strike 10 - Vapar

- Flagon

This skill is a very effective means of healing to extend your HP for a duration of time

Gallery[edit | edit source]