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There are different PvP settings you can apply to your character in Lineage 2: Revolution. They are: Peaceful, Counterattack, Justice, Hostile and Bloodthirsty. Killing other players out in the open increases your Chaotic value. When your chaotic value is above 5, your character is marked as a PK player, turning your name red and applying the Weight of Conscience debuff for 30 minutes. Players with this debuff have their Atk. and Def. reduced by 50%. Each time that you kill another player and you don't already have the debuff, you will get it.

Changing Settings[edit | edit source]

PvP settings can be changed by tapping the icon on the top left next to your character name. There are five types of PvP settings available, allowing you to selectively attack different groups of players or even completely refrain from attacking.

  1. Peaceful (Blue): Your character will not attack other players, no matter what. Just minding my own business hitting these monsters for the greater good.
  2. Counterattack (Purple): Retaliate against the player who attacked you first.
  3. Justice (Green): Only attacks chaotic players.
  4. Hostile(Yellow): Attacks all players other than party members, friends and clan members
  5. Bloodthirsty(Red): Attacks all players other than party members (yes that includes clan members for friendly, chaotic dueling)

Chaotic Value[edit | edit source]

300 monsters per each point decrease

PK Restricted Regions[edit | edit source]