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There are some unique pets in the world of Lineage 2 Revolution. They become available at level 50 and do not require the completion of any main quest episodes. There is however, a short series of quests in the Wasteland that must be completed in order to obtain your first pet, the Black Bear. Beyond that, additional pets can be obtained and upgraded by using summoning stones obtained from the Summoning Stone dungeon.

Pets can be mounted while out of combat, allowing you to travel across the map faster. If you are attacked, you will be immediately dismounted. You may eventually collect all the various pets available, but only one may be the "active pet". While designated as the active pet, you will fully benefit from all stat bonuses from the base pet stats and equipment. Pet Equipment can be leveled up like player equipment. Higher level equipment gives higher stat bonuses to the player. All other pets grant only 30% of their bonus stats when not equipped as the primary pet.

Pets[edit | edit source]