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All of the Territories in Lineage 2: Revolution have mobs that can be destroyed for certain items.

Mobs[edit | edit source]

Image Name Found In
Angler Beast.png Angler Beast
[[File:|32px]] Corrupt Snipes Windawood Manor
Death Flower.png Death Flower
Dread Scorpion.png Dread Scorpion
Forest Wasp.png Forest Wasp Talking Island West
[[File:|32px]] Giant Ruins Spider Talking Island East
Grey Stone Golem.png Grey Stone Golem Barrens
Mutant Beetle.png Mutant Beetle Barrens
[[File:|32px]] Mutant Beetle Gladiator Barrens
Obsessor.png Obsessor Talking Island West
Ol Mahum Chieftan.png Ol Mahum Chieftan
[[File:|32px]] Ol Mahum Swordsman Gludin
[[File:|32px]] Orc Archer Talking Island East
Soul Slasher.png Soul Slasher Windawood Manor
Stone Golem Sorcerer.png Stone Golem Sorcerer
Thunder Lizard.png Thunder Lizard
Tortured Warrior.png Tortured Warrior
Tree Golem.png Tree Golem
Turek Orc Charger Main.png Turek Orc Charger Windawood Manor
Turek Orc Charger.png Turek Orc Guard Gludio Plains
Undead Crawler.png Undead Crawler
Undead Pirate.png Undead Pirate
Wild Boar.png Wild Boar Gludio Plains

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Image Name Found In
Big Horn Antelope.png Antelope Talking Island East
Wasteland Basilisk.png Basilisk Barrens
Black Willow.png Black Willow
Agile Black Wolf.png Black Wolf Talking Island East
[[File:|32px]] Cougar Gludin, Northwind Plateau
Gargoyle.png Gargoyle
Giant Leech.png Giant Leech Barrens
Headless Knight.png Headless Knight
Mel Lizardman Human Hunter.png Maille Lizardman Fighter Gludio Plains
Mel Lizardman Scout.png Maille Lizardman Scout Gludio Plains
Mel Lizardman Shaman.png Maille Lizardman Shaman Gludio Plains
Monster Eye Tracker.png Monster Eye Barrens
[[File:|32px]] Ol Mahum Shooter Gludin
Ol Mahum Warrior.png Ol Mahum Warrior
[[File:|32px]] Orc Berserker Talking Island West
[[File:|32px]] Orc Trooper Talking Island East
Ghost Captain.png Pirate Zombie Captain
Savaged Red Bear.png Red Bear Gludio Plains
[[File:|32px]] Red Fox Talking Island West
[[File:|32px]] Sahara Barrens
Grudgeful Skeleton Archer.png Skeleton Archer Gludin
Skeleton Soldier.png Skeleton Soldier Gludin
Stone Golem.png Stone Golem
Obsessed Sucubus.png Succubus
Turek Orc Shooter.png Turek Orc Archer Windawood Manor
[[File:|32px]] Turek War Hound Windawood Manor
Vampiric Bat.png Vampire Bat Windawood Manor
Forest Poison Spider.png Venomous Spider Talking Island West
Dark Weaver.png Weaver Gludio Plains
Vicious Werewolf.png Werewolf Gludin