Gludio Plains

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Gludio Plains is a region in the world of Lineage 2 Revolution.

Official Summary[edit | edit source]

A sweep operation is taking place because of the sudden appearance of monsters on the road connecting Gludio territories. However, because the monsters are constantly appearing, the confidence of the Gludio Soldiers is gradually falling.

Despite these circumstances, Gludio's firm reappointment would entrust the miltiary authority and drive the soldiers into the limbs. Once you block the threat of Lizardmen and Orcs near Castle Town's vicinity, you can find out that all of these have happened according to someone's elaborate plan.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Mob Level
Bugbear Butcher 31
Bugbear Looter 30
Bugbear Plunderer 30
Tullan Bugbear 30
Antelope 28
Dark Prima 33
Kyrios 31
Maille Lizardman Assault Soldier 33
Maille Lizardman Gatekeeper 28
Maille Lizardman Guard 35
Maille Lizardman Manhunter 30
Maille Lizardman Pillager 33
Maille Lizardman Provoker 35
Maille Lizardman Shaman 35
Maille Lizardman Trooper 35
Pincher 29
Red Bear 30
Vicious Red Bear 30
Crazed Black Wolf 28
Dark Nerkas 33
Dark Weaver 32
Famished Black Wolf 30
Maille Lizardman Goalseeker 29
Maille Lizardman Marksman 35
Maille Lizardman Scout 35
Maille Lizardman Seeker 33
Monster Eye Watcher 28
Rabid Black Wolf 29
Red Fox 28
Turek Orc Blacksmith 37
Turek Orc Bowman 36
Turek Orc Escort 37
Turek Orc Fighter 36
Turek Orc Patrol 36
Turek Orc Scout 36
Turek Orc Sniper 31
Turek War Hound 36