Eternal Lands

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Eternal Lands is a region in the world of Lineage 2 Revolution.

Official Summary[edit | edit source]

In ancient times, the Elves and the Humans argued over who dominated the continent. The injuries to the battleground where this argument took place still remain intact. This place became known as the Sea of Spores. The Sea of Spores is contaminated by magical power and it is a place where creatures cannot live. Even though it seems as if time has stopped here, unfortunately the Sea of Spores is becoming wider. In order to fulfill their duties. The Ivory Tower Mystics made a circle around them to prevent the Sea of Spores from spreading.

There is a witch named Molly who lives in a cabin near the Sea of Spores. One day, the Dark Brotherhood approached her but Molly managed to escape them. She fled at the risk of the Dark Brotherhood using her wonderful powers. Molly's accidental powers caused the barrier device that was supposed to block the Sea of Spores to malfunction. Now, the Sea of Spores is spreading. Theodore intuitively noticed how important Molly is and struggled to protect her. Hardin is coldhearted and does not understand Theodore's intentions. The Ivory Tower wizard, Edine, who discovered the anomaly is asking for help to repair the barrier device. It is not easy to grasp the significance of repairing the barrier device or of figuring out the Dark Brotherhood's intentions. Who is Molly, who is at the center of all these incidents?

Monsters[edit | edit source]