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There are a variety of unique pieces of equipment in Lineage 2 Revolution including various weapons and armor, to accessories and gemstones. Players can choose specific equipment set and refine them to fit their playstyle, but will also require a large investment to fully upgrade to its maximum potential. All player equipment has a maximum level of 30 and spans across 6 grades: C, B, A, S, R and SR; C-Grade equipment being the weakest and SR-Grade having the highest base stats.

This page gives a general overview of all equipment. For more detailed information, visit the individual pages for Weapons, Armors or Accessories. (see also Pet Equipment)

Improving Equipment[edit | edit source]

You can raise the stats on your equipment through various enhancements available from the Forge. From the forge, players have access to a variety of equipment enhancement options like leveling up, enhancing using scrolls, combining, upgrading and other functions.

Increasing the item level, enhancing equipment and socketing Soul Crystals all contribute to your equipment stats.

Equipment Grades[edit | edit source]

There are six grades for equipment in Lineage 2: Revolution. They are C, B, A, S, R and SR. Apart from their letters, the grade of equipment can be also be identified by the color of the text that appears in chat and in server-wide notifications. Higher grades of equipment have higher base stats and unlock additional stats and attributes at S-Grade and higher.

  1. C-Grade (Gray)
  2. B-Grade (Blue)
  3. A-Grade (Green)
  4. S-Grade (Cyan) +1 Bonus Stat, Attribute Unlocked
  5. R-Grade (Purple) +2 Bonus Stats
  6. SR-Grade (Brown) +3 Bonus Stats

Equipment Types[edit | edit source]

Player equipment can be separated into three general categories: Weapons, Armor and Accessories. There are no level restrictions on any piece of equipment. Rather, the strength of one's equipment is distinguished by its' grade and enhancement level.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

There are 6 types of weapons in the game. You may equip any weapon type at any time, but can only utilize your job's skills if the appropriate weapon is equipped. Each weapon has its own unique attack animation; switching to other attack styles can be more effective when farming lower leveled monsters.

There are three standard variations of each weapon type and one rare variant, each with their own attribute bonus.

Armors[edit | edit source]

There are four slots for armor, namely: Helmet, Armor, Gloves and Boots. There are three classes of armor available corresponding to the three basic starter classes: Heavy Armor (Warrior), Light Armor (Rogue) and Robes (Mystic). Each type of armor has two standard variations and one rare variant, each offering its own attribute and set bonus. Equipping multiple pieces of armor of the same grade and set will activate a set bonus.

Notably, Rare Armor has higher base stats compared to the normal sets. They can be identified by the glowing background behind the item. Rare Armors can be acquired through High-Grade Equipment boxes or through combining (plus a little luck).

Accessories[edit | edit source]

There are five slots for accessories: Necklace, 2 Earrings and 2 Rings. Similar to Armor, equipping multiple pieces from the same set will activate a set bonus. The sets for accessories are separate from that of Armor sets. There are 6 different types of accessory sets and every set has their own special bonus.

Equipment Attributes[edit | edit source]

Attributes appear on equipment Grade-S or higher. Attributes are not random; they are unique to the pieces within that set. Likewise, the number of sets available is the same as the number of possible attributes. All forms of equipment start at level 1 attributes and can be enhanced up to level 5 using the Forge. Attribute enhancement requires material equipment with the same attribute as the base equipment.

Weapon Attributes[edit | edit source]

Weapons have four attributes available: Bravery, Massacre, Hunt and Annihilate.

  1. Bravery - Bonus Dmg. vs. Bosses
  2. Massacre - Bonus Dmg. vs. Normal Monsters
  3. Hunt - Bonus Dmg. vs. Elite Monsters
  4. Annihilate (Rare) - Bonus Dmg. vs. other players

Armor Attributes[edit | edit source]

Armors have three attributes available: Protection, Patience and Iron Wall.

  1. Protection - Take reduced damage from Bosses
  2. Patience - Take reduced damage from Elite Monsters
  3. Iron Wall (Rare) - Take reduced damage from other players

Accessory Attributes[edit | edit source]

Accessories have six attributes available: Calm, Meditation, Rapid, Tenacity, Stern and Liveliness.

  1. Calm - Increased Combo End Time
  2. Meditation - Increased Magic Defense
  3. Rapid - Increased Movement Speed
  4. Tenacity - Increased Stun Resist Rate
  5. Stern - Increased Crit. Resist Rate
  6. Liveliness - Increased Slow Resist Rate

Bonus Stats[edit | edit source]

Stub. Lazy to write right now.

Potential bonus stats for each line. Weapon stats, Armor, Accessory each get a section.

Equipment Set Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Set bonuses are activated when multiple pieces of the same set and grade are equipped. Equipping pieces of the same set but a different grade will not count towards a set bonus. There are two Armor Sets for each class, for a total of six armor sets as well as six Accessory sets; Weapons do not contribute to set bonuses.

Armor Sets[edit | edit source]

Armor Class Armor Name Set Name Attribute Bonuses
2 Set 3 Set 4 Set
Heavy Armor Nightmare Nightmare Grasp Protection Max HP Increase P. Def. Increase Final Dmg. Decrease
Blue Wolf Fang of the Blue Wolf Patience Final Dmg. Decrease Crit. Resist Rate Up Max HP Increase
Dominus (Rare) Master's Dignity Iron Wall Max HP Increase Crit. Resist Rate Up Final Dmg. Decrease
Light Armor Avadon Catastrophic Energy Protection Max HP Increase P. Def. Increase Final Dmg. Decrease
Tracker Tracker's Footsteps Patience Final Dmg. Decrease Crit. Resist Rate Up Max HP Increase
Reggios (Rare) Group Cheer Iron Wall Max HP Increase Crit. Resist Rate Up Final Dmg. Decrease
Robe Majestic Commanding Voice Protection Max HP Increase M. Def Increase Final Dmg. Decrease
Dynasty Sovereign's Majesty Patience Final Dmg. Decrease Crit. Resist Rate Up Max HP Increase
Optimus (Rare) Aristocratic Elegance Iron Wall Max HP Increase Crit. Resist Rate Up Final Dmg. Decrease

Accessory Sets[edit | edit source]

Accessory Name Set Name Attribute Bonuses
2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5 Set
Max MP Acc. Rate Crit. Rate Final Dmg.
Arbol Tree Shade Calm Combo End Time +0.50% + +++ + +++
Moonstone Hefty Moonstone Meditation M. Def. +50 +++ +++ + +
Nassen Nassen's Blood Rapid Speed + 0.50% +++ + + +++
Elven Elven Cunning Tenacity Stun Resist Rate +0.50% +++ + +++ +
Black Ore Black Ore Energy Stern Crit. Resist Rate +0.50% + +++ +++ +
Phoenix Phoenix Breath Liveliness Slow Resist Rate +0.50% ++ ++ ++ ++

+ : +3.5% (S-Grade, +1% per grade)

++ : +4% (S-Grade, +1% per grade)

+++: +4.5% (S-Grade, +1% per grade)

Equipment Upgrade Ratios[edit | edit source]

The golden ratio is 1:3 per item grade.

E.g. as per bar increase – I’m leveling an S armor (S is Lv 1, materials are Lv 1 too, all items used are new, haven’t been leveled up, enhanced, etc.):

If I use x1 A, the increase is equal to x3 Bs.

If I use x1 B, the increase is equal to x3 Cs

Therefore, x1 A has the same increase as x9 Cs.

E.g. as per bar increase and price – with same new Lv 1 S armor and Lv 1 materials:

If I use x1 A (the price is 5,900), the increase is equal to x3 Bs (x1 B costs 2,000 but we need x3, so that’s 6,000). Therefore, using x1 A is cheaper by 100.

If I use x1 B (the price is 2,000), the increase is equal to x3 Cs (x1 C costs 700 but we need x3, so that’s 2,100). Therefore, using x1 B is cheaper by 100.

If I use x1 A (the price is 5,900), the increase is equal to x9 Cs (x1 C costs 700 but we need x9, so that’s 6,300). Therefore, using x1 A is cheaper by 400.

Gallery[edit | edit source]