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Enemies[edit | edit source]

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Image Name Found In
[[File:|32px]] Ahlu Gludin
[[File:|32px]] Bane King Talking Island West
[[File:|32px]] Big Hand Gludio Plains
[[File:|32px]] Black Fang Talking Island East
[[File:|32px]] Cactus Gludio Plains
[[File:|32px]] Canine Gludin
[[File:|32px]] Cotus Gludio Plains
[[File:|32px]] Cox Gludio Plains
[[File:|32px]] Doom Skull Gludio Plains
[[File:|32px]] Frecky Gludin
[[File:|32px]] Grinder Barrens
[[File:|32px]] Hookah Windawood Manor
[[File:|32px]] Kazir Barrens
[[File:|32px]] Kobaka Talking Island East
[[File:|32px]] Melville Gludin
[[File:|32px]] Moretti Gludin
[[File:|32px]] Olvar Gludin
[[File:|32px]] Pointer Barrens
[[File:|32px]] Queen Sylop Talking Island East
[[File:|32px]] Red Lock Barrens
[[File:|32px]] Red Rouse Talking Island West
[[File:|32px]] Ruin Wanderer Windawood Manor
Sand Eye.png Sand Eye Barrens
[[File:|32px]] Sand Hearts Barrens
[[File:|32px]] Sand Lurker Barrens
[[File:|32px]] Shadow Wings Windawood Manor
[[File:|32px]] Shining Teeth Windawood Manor
[[File:|32px]] Silver Beard Gludio Plains
[[File:|32px]] Silverhorn Talking Island East
[[File:|32px]] Spirit Shepherd Talking Island West
[[File:|32px]] Sting (Boss) Talking Island West
[[File:|32px]] Stone Hearts Barrens
[[File:|32px]] Taarka Talking Island West
[[File:|32px]] Troca Windawood Manor
[[File:|32px]] Tureka Gludio Plains
[[File:|32px]] Urca Talking Island East
[[File:|32px]] Vepar Windawood Manor
[[File:|32px]] White Teeth Windawood Manor
[[File:|32px]] Zodiac Gludin

Mobs[edit | edit source]

Image Name Found In
Amden Orc Shaman.png Amden Orc Shaman
Angler Beast.png Angler Beast
Ant Larva.png Ant Larva
Big Horn Antelope.png Antelope Talking Island East
Apostle.png Apostle
Archon Bamue.png Archon Bamue
Atrox.png Atrox
Wasteland Basilisk.png Basilisk Barrens
Black Willow.png Black Willow
Agile Black Wolf.png Black Wolf Talking Island East
Bloody Queen.png Bloody Queen
[[File:|32px]] Corrupt Snipes Windawood Manor
[[File:|32px]] Cougar Gludin, Northwind Plateau
Crimson Bind.png Crimson Bind
Dark Knight.png Dark Knight
Dark Leopard.png Dark Leopard
Dark Lord.png Dark Lord
Death Fire.png Death Fire
Death Flower.png Death Flower
Dicor.png Dicor
Doom Servant.png Doom Servant
Drake.png Drake
Dread Scorpion.png Dread Scorpion
Dullahan.png Dullahan
Forest Wasp.png Forest Wasp Talking Island West
Gargoyle.png Gargoyle
Giant Leech.png Giant Leech Barrens
[[File:|32px]] Giant Ruins Spider Talking Island East
Grandis.png Grandis
Grey Stone Golem.png Grey Stone Golem Barrens
Guillotine.png Guillotine
Headless Knight.png Headless Knight
Husk Crawler.png Husk Crawler
Kaim Vanul.png Kaim Vanul
Ketra Orc Overload.png Ketra Orc Overload
Ketra Orc Warrior.png Ketra Orc Warrior
Leto Lizardman.png Leto Lizardman
Leto Lizardman Chieftain.png Leto Lizardman Chieftain
Leto Lizardman Scout.png Leto Lizardman Scout
Leto Lizardman Shaman.png Leto Lizardman Shaman
Leto Lizardman Warrior.png Leto Lizardman Warrior
Lorca.png Lorca
Mel Lizardman Human Hunter.png Maille Lizardman Fighter Gludio Plains
Mel Lizardman Scout.png Maille Lizardman Scout Gludio Plains
Mel Lizardman Shaman.png Maille Lizardman Shaman Gludio Plains
Mandragora.png Mandragora
Marsh Stakato.png Marsh Stakato
Medusa.png Medusa
Meforde.png Meforde
Monster Eye Tracker.png Monster Eye Barrens
Mutant Beetle.png Mutant Beetle Barrens
[[File:|32px]] Mutant Beetle Gladiator Barrens
Neer Crawler.png Neer Crawler
Obsessor.png Obsessor Talking Island West
Ol Mahum Chieftan.png Ol Mahum Chieftan
[[File:|32px]] Ol Mahum Shooter Gludin
[[File:|32px]] Ol Mahum Swordsman Gludin
Ol Mahum Warrior.png Ol Mahum Warrior
Ol' Mahum.png Ol' Mahum
Ol' Mahum General.png Ol' Mahum General
Ol' Mahum Shaman.png Ol' Mahum Shaman
Ol' Mahum Warrior.png Ol' Mahum Warrior
[[File:|32px]] Orc Archer Talking Island East
[[File:|32px]] Orc Berserker Talking Island West
[[File:|32px]] Orc Trooper Talking Island East
Orfen.png Orfen
Orfens Maid.png Orfens Maid
Pirate Zombie.png Pirate Zombie
Ghost Captain.png Pirate Zombie Captain
Pirate Zombie Officer.png Pirate Zombie Officer
Portrait Spirit.png Portrait Spirit
Premo.png Premo
Raikel.png Raikel
Savaged Red Bear.png Red Bear Gludio Plains
[[File:|32px]] Red Fox Talking Island West
[[File:|32px]] Sahara Barrens
Serpent Slave.png Serpent Slave
Grudgeful Skeleton Archer.png Skeleton Archer Gludin
Skeleton Chaser.png Skeleton Chaser
Skeleton Soldier.png Skeleton Soldier Gludin
66 Snipe 스나이프.png [[Snipe (Mob)|]]
Soul Slasher.png Soul Slasher Windawood Manor
Stone Golem.png Stone Golem
Stone Golem Sorcerer.png Stone Golem Sorcerer
Obsessed Sucubus.png Succubus
[[File:|32px]] [[Summary|]]
Tanor Silenos.png Tanor Silenos
Tanor Silenos Shaman.png Tanor Silenos Shaman
Tanor Silenos Warrior.png Tanor Silenos Warrior
Tepra Scorpion.png Tepra Scorpion
Thunder Lizard.png Thunder Lizard
Timak Orc Ranger.png Timak Orc Ranger
Timak Orc Warrior.png Timak Orc Warrior
Tortured Warrior.png Tortured Warrior
Tree Golem.png Tree Golem
Turek Orc Shooter.png Turek Orc Archer Windawood Manor
Turek Orc Charger Main.png Turek Orc Charger Windawood Manor
Turek Orc Charger.png Turek Orc Guard Gludio Plains
[[File:|32px]] Turek War Hound Windawood Manor
Undead Crawler.png Undead Crawler
Undead Pirate.png Undead Pirate
Unpleasant Humming.png Unpleasant Humming
Vampiric Bat.png Vampire Bat Windawood Manor
Forest Poison Spider.png Venomous Spider Talking Island West
Dark Weaver.png Weaver Gludio Plains
Vicious Werewolf.png Werewolf Gludin
Wild Boar.png Wild Boar Gludio Plains
Windsus.png Windsus
Wyrm.png Wyrm
Zaken.png Zaken
Zombie Lord Crowl.png Zombie Lord Crowl

Enemy List[edit | edit source]

Monster Codex[edit | edit source]