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Title Effect Grade Territory Dropped by
Cruma Core Core.png Cruma Core Core Penetration R Cruma Tower Floor 3 Cruma Core
Guillotine of Death Core.png Guillotine of Death Core Crit. Rate R Shrieking Hallows Guillotine of Death
Queen Ant Core.png Queen Ant Core P. Def.
M. Def.
R Ant Nest Catacomb 2 Queen Ant
Varkaron Core.png Varkaron Core P. Atk.
M. Atk.
R Elven Ruins Catacomb 2 Varkaron
Amadeus Core.png Amadeus Core Evasion S Summit of Dissonance Amadeus
Flagon Core.png Flagon Core Crit. Resist S Plains of Dion Flagon
Kazir Core.png Kazir Core Resilience S Wasteland Kazir
Marlox Core.png Marlox Core Penetration S Haunted Necropolis Marlox
Marsha Core.png Marsha Core P. Atk.<bra /> M. Atk. S Deathly Fog Shores Marsha
Ramog Core.png Ramog Core Max HP S Temporal Rift Ramog
Silverbeard Core.png Silverbeard Core P. Atk.
M. Atk.
S Gludio Plains Silverbeard
Sina Core.png Sina Core Max MP S Cruma Swamp Sina
Spirit Shepherd Core.png Spirit Shepherd Core Evasion S West Talking Island Spirit Shepherd
Stenoa Core.png Stenoa Core Accuracy S Giran Dominion Stenoa
Trisha Core.png Trisha Core Crit. Rate S Temporal Rift Trisha
Vapar Core.png Vapar Core Crit. Resist S Windawood Manor Vapar
Zodiac Core.png Zodiac Core Max MP S Gludin Highway Zodiac
Ant Nest Foreman Core.png Ant Nest Foreman Core Crit. Resist A Ant Nest Catacomb 1 Ant Nest Foreman
Ant Nest Royal Guard Captain Core.png Ant Nest Royal Guard Captain Core Accuracy A Ant Nest Catacomb 2 Ant Nest Royal Guard Captain
Arachne Core.png Arachne Core Max HP A Elven Ruins Catacomb 1 Arachne
Corepio Core.png Corepio Core Accuracy A Ivory Tower Catacomb 1 Corepio
Creatus Core.png Creatus Core Penetration A Ivory Tower Catacomb 3 Creatus
Death Gazer Core.png Death Gazer Core Resilience A Elven Ruins Catacomb 2 Death Gazer
Felix Core.png Felix Core Penetration A Elven Ruins Catacomb 2 Felix
Gargu Core.png Gargu Core Crit. Resist A Ivory Tower Catacomb 2 Gargu
Greezo Core.png Greezo Core Max HP A Cruma Tower Floor 3 Greezo
Horror Wing Core.png Horror Wing Core P. Atk.
M. Atk.
A Elven Ruins Catacomb 1 Horror Wing
Julius Core.png Julius Core Max MP A Cruma Tower Floor 3 Julius
Magnus Core.png Magnus Core Penetration A Cruma Tower Floor 3 Magnus
Maniskull Core.png Maniskull Core Max MP A Elven Ruins Catacomb 2 Maniskull
Master Mordeo Core.png Master Mordeo Core P. Atk.
M. Atk.
A Cruma Tower Floor 2 Master Mordeo
Mesheemp Core.png Mesheemp Core Crit. Resist A Ivory Tower Catacomb 1 Mesheemp
Morpheus Core.png Morpheus Core Accuracy A Ivory Tower Catacomb 2 Morpheus
Mystique Core.png Mystique Core Accuracy A Cruma Tower Floor 2 Mystique
Necross Core.png Necross Core Crit. Rate A Elven Ruins Catacomb 2 Necross
Preta Core.png Preta Core Evasion A Ivory Tower Catacomb 1 Preta
Reaver Core.png Reaver Core Crit. Rate A Ant Nest Catacomb 1 Reaver
Ryukaon Core.png Ryukaon Core P. Def.
M. Def.
A Elven Ruins Catacomb 1 Ryukaon
Sandstorm Core.png Sandstorm Core Resilience A Ivory Tower Catacomb 3 Sandstorm
Serbo Prime Core.png Serbo Prime Core P. Def.
M. Def.
A Cruma Tower Floor 2 Serbo Prime
Skullchaser Core.png Skullchaser Core Max HP A Ivory Tower Catacomb 3 Skullchaser
Spawning Ground Keeper Core.png Spawning Ground Keeper Core Evasion A Ant Nest Catacomb 2 Spawning Ground Keeper
Stelos Core.png Stelos Core Evasion A Cruma Tower Floor 2 Stelos
Vulture Core.png Vulture Core Crit. Rate A Ivory Tower Catacomb 2 Vulture
Agarez Core.png Agarez Core Max MP B Haunted Necropolis Agarez
Albert Core.png Albert Core Max HP B Devil's Isle Albert
Arcane Core.png Arcane Core Max HP B Cruma Swamp Arcane
Bane King Core.png Bane King Core Accuracy B West Talking Island Bane King
Bighand Core.png Bighand Core Penetration B Gludio Plains Bighand
Bornesting Core.png Bornesting Core P. Atk.
M. Atk.
B Devil's Isle Bornesting
Cox Core.png Cox Core Accuracy B Gludio Plains Mordeo
Doom Skull Core.png Doom Skull Core Resilience B Ivory Tower Catacomb 1 Doom Skull
Gorokk Core.png Gorokk Core P. Atk.
M. Atk.
B Haunted Necropolis Gorokk
Grinder Core.png Grinder Core P. Def.
M. Def.
B Wasteland Grinder
Hector Core.png Hector Core Crit. Rate B Deathly Fog Shores Hector
Holst Core.png Holst Core Max MP B Deathly Fog Shores Holst
Jeff Core.png Jeff Core Max MP B Devil's Isle Jeff
Kactoose Core.png Kactoose Core Crit. Rate B Gludio Plains Kactoose
Krush Core.png Krush Core Penetration B Plains of Dion Krush
Luka Core.png Luka Core Resilience B Deathly Fog Shores Luka
Medes Core.png Medes Core Penetration B Deathly Fog Shores Medes
Oomba Core.png Oomba Core Resilience B Haunted Necropolis Oomba
Pointer Core.png Pointer Core P. Atk.
M. Atk.
B Wasteland Pointer
Queen Sylop Core.png Queen Sylop Core Max HP B East Talking Island Queen Sylop
Rashkos Core.png Rashkos Core Crit. Resist B Giran Dominion Rashkos
Ravolas Core.png Ravolas Core Crit. Rate B Haunted Necropolis Ravolas
Red Lock Core.png Red Lock Core Evasion B Wasteland Red Lock
Ruins Wanderer Core.png Ruins Wanderer Core Max HP B Windawood Manor Ruins Wanderer
Sabretooth Core.png Sabretooth Core Max MP B Windawood Manor Sabretooth
Sand Haftz Core.png Sand Haftz Core Penetration B Wasteland Sand Haftz
Sand Lurker Core.png Sand Lurker Core Max HP B Wasteland Sand Lurker
Screash Core.png Screash Core Crit. Rate B Plains of Dion Screash
Shakos Core.png Shakos Core Accuracy B Giran Dominion Shakos
Shrieking Treant Core.png Shrieking Treant Core Max MP B Shrieking Hallows Shrieking Treant
Silverhorn Core.png Silverhorn Core P. Def.
M. Def.
B East Talking Island Silverhorn
Stone Haftz Core.png Stone Haftz Core Max MP B Wasteland Stone Haftz
Tartan Core.png Tartan Core Resilience B Summit of Dissonance Tartan
Tess Core.png Tess Core Crit. Rate B Giran Dominion Tess
Thaartan Core.png Thaartan Core Crit. Rate B Summit of Dissonance Thaartan
Thox Core.png Thox Core P. Atk.
M. Atk.
B Giran Dominion Thox
Thrush Core.png Thrush Core Max MP B Plains of Dion Thrush
Tutan Core.png Tutan Core Crit. Resist B Summit of Dissonance Tutan
Varash Core.png Varash Core Resilience B Plains of Dion Varash
Vir Core.png Vir Core Resilience B Giran Dominion Vir
Alfonso Core.png Alfonso Core Max HP C Deathly Fog Shores Alfonso
Alle Core.png Alle Core Max HP C Gludin Highway Alle
Balthazar Core.png Balthazar Core Crit. Rate C Shrieking Hallows Balthazar
Baroque Core.png Baroque Core P. Def.
M. Def.
C Plains of Dion Baroque
Black Fang Core.png Black Fang Core P. Atk.
M. Atk
C East Talking Island Black Fang
Bulc Core.png Bulc Core P. Atk.
M. Atk.
C Plains of Dion Bulc
Canine Core.png Canine Core Crit. Resist C Gludin Highway Canine
Cotous Core.png Cotous Core Crit. Resist C Gludio Plains Cotous
Cowboy Core.png Cowboy Core Penetration C Shrieking Hallows Cowboy
Ellen Core.png Ellen Core Crit. Resist C Giran Dominion Ellen
Flora Core.png Flora Core P. Def.
M. Def.
C Shrieking Hallows Flora
Freki Core.png Freki Core Accuracy C Gludin Highway Freki
Gnasher Core.png Gnasher Core Resilience C Windawood Manor Gnasher
Hucca Core.png Hucca Core Penetration C Windawood Manor Hucca
Jason Core.png Jason Core Resilience C Haunted Necropolis Jason
Jonadan Core.png Jonadan Core Max HP C Shrieking Hallows Jonadan
Kobaka Core.png Kobaka Core Penetration C East Talking Island Kobaka
Liam Core.png Liam Core Accuracy C Cruma Swamp Liam
Luce Core.png Luce Core Evasion C Giran Dominion Luce
Lulani Core.png Lulani Core P. Def.
M. Def.
C Deathly Fog Shores Lulani
Melville Core.png Melville Core Evasion C Gludin Highway Melville
Moke Core.png Moke Core Max HP C Plains of Dion Moke
Moretti Core.png Moretti Core P. Atk.
M. Atk
C Gludin Highway Moretti
Morgan Core.png Morgan Core P. Atk.
M. Atk
C Cruma Swamp Morgan
Ol B’Khan Core.png Ol B’Khan Core Accuracy C Summit of Dissonance Ol B’Khan
Olvar Core.png Olvar Core P. Def.
M. Def.
C Gludin Highway Olvar
Red Rouse Core.png Red Rouse Core Crit. Rate C West Talking Island Red Rouse
Ronde Core.png Ronde Core Evasion C Cruma Swamp Ronde
Rua Core.png Rua Core P. Atk.
M. Atk.
C Devil's Isle Rua
Sand Eye Core.png Sand Eye Core Accuracy C Wasteland Sand Eye
Screamer Core.png Screamer Core P. Atk.
M. Atk.
C Shrieking Hallows Screamer
Seamstress Core.png Seamstress Core Resilience C Shrieking Hallows Seamstress
Shadow Wing Core.png Shadow Wing Core P. Atk.
M. Atk.
C Windawood Manor Shadow Wing
Sting Core.png Sting Core Resilience C West Talking Island Sting
Summit Attacker Core.png Penetration Accuracy C Summit of Dissonance Summit Attacker
Taarka Core.png Taarka Core Crit. Resist C West Talking Island Taarka
Troka Core.png Troka Core Crit. Rate C Windawood Manor Troka
Turekka Core.png Turekka Core Evasion C Gludio Plains Turekka
Urca Core.png Urca Core Max MP C East Talking Island Urca
Verock Core.png Verock Core Penetration C Haunted Necropolis Verock
Wilhelm Core.png Wilhelm Core Evasion C Haunted Necropolis Wilhelm
Zyrnna Core.png Zyrnna Core P. Def.
M. Def.
C Cruma Swamp Zyrnna