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Bladedancer BG.png
Optimal Weapons
Polearm and Dual Swords
Dark Elf

The Bladedancer is a Dark Elf-restricted Warrior-specific job in Lineage 2: Revolution. Bladedancers strike with a keen edge, boasting a strength so great, it inspires others around them to fight with equal fervor. Despite wearing Heavy Armor, bladedancers dance deftly through the battlefield. Their sharp blades slicing through the air and their target with each twirl. They can wield Spears or Dual Swords and wear Heavy Armor.

Active Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Spinning Slasher - [Spear, Dual Swords Only] Swings the weapon in a large arc to deal damage and knockdown enemies.
  • Hurricane Storm - [Spear, Dual Swords Only] Spins to attack and slow surrounding enemies. You can move while using this skill.
  • Dance of the Warrior - [Spear, Dual Swords Only] Increases P. Atk of you and your party members.
  • Dance of Fury - [Spear, Dual Swords Only] Increases Atk. Spd. of you and your party members.

Passive Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Warrior Weapon Mastery - Increases Atk. when a Sword and Shield, Polearm or Dual Swords is equipped.
  • Heavy Armor Mastery - Increases Defense when Heavy Armor is equipped. The effect stacks up to 4 times.
  • Attack Aura - Increases the Atk of you and your party members. This effect is region-wide.
  • Fever - Has a chance of generating a buff that increase Critical Damage when a Crt.Atk. lands.
  • Dual Sword Mastery - Increases Atk. when Dual Swords is equipped.

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