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The following are the best Locations and Dungeons in the World Map of Lineage 2 Revolution to farm. While there is an auto-combat function in Lineage 2: Revolution, it is not active while the character is logged out. Players should ensure that their devices have sufficient power when attempting to farm for long periods.

In general, a suitable monster to hunt repeatedly (farming/grinding) is one that is near your level, you can defeat safely and carries drops that can help you progress further or improve your stats. It is highly recommended that the target monster is close to your character's level; experience awarded per kill drops off rapidly if your character is 4 or more levels higher than the level of the monster.

In Lineage 2: Revolution, Monster Cores, Quest Scrolls, Proofs of Blood and Red Starstone are most commonly sought after. The first two items are materials for improving your character. Monster Cores are required for completing entries in the Monster Codex, granting bonus stats for each entry. Quest Scrolls allow you to complete additional sub-quests, and are a decent source of experience points and Adena. The other two items, Proof of Blood and Red Starstone, are clan resources that are required for upgrading various (if not all) clan functions.

Farming[edit | edit source]

Lv 14: Red Fox (Wng Island) - Drops Red Rouse Cores. Grind this place overnight when you're stuck.

Lv 24: Malevolent Skeleton Archer (Gludin Highway) - Drops Moretti Cores & Quest Scrolls. Grind this place overnight when you're stuck.

Lv 25: Arachne (Elven Ruins Catacomb 1) - Mob train. Drops PoBs and Arachne Core.

Lv 35: Shaper (Elven Ruins Catacomb 2) - Mob train. Drops PoBs and Necross Core.

Lv 36: Ant Soldier Larva (Ant Nest Catacomb 1) - Mob train. Drops Reaver Core.

Lv 46: Ant Soldier (Ant Nest Catacomb 1) Party spot.

Lv 50: Ant Captain (Ant Nest Catacomb 1) - Party spot. Drops PoBs and Ant Nest Foreman Core.

Lv 54: Ant Larva (Ant Nest Catacomb 2) - Mob train.

Fields of Dion is when you start to actually feel the effect of your hard work. Enchantment Scrolls, Maphr's Protection, and A gear starts dropping more frequently. Monster Cores also become a byproduct of your field grinding.

Lv 62: Baroque & Breka Orc Ranger - Drops Baroque Core & Quest Scrolls.

Lv 66: Screash & Leto Lizardman Shaman - Drops Screash Core & Quest Scrolls.

Lv 70: Breka Orc Infiltrator - Drops Bulc Core & Quest Scrolls.

And now we're back to Elite Dungeons.

Lv 78: Ant Soldier Royal Guard (Ant Nest Catacomb 2) - Mob train & party spot. Drops PoBs and Ant Nest Royal Guard Captain Core.

Lv 84: Mordeo (Cruma Tower Floor 2) - First spot after the entrance. Lots of people AFK here.

Lv 94: Master Mordeo & Mordeo's Guard (Cruma Tower Floor 2) - Mob train. There's always at least one party here and a few randoms at any given time. If you can hit hard by yourself and you can take a few hits, you can probably get away as a level 70 here. Drops Master Mordeo Core.

Lv 100: Mordeo's Mirror Image (Cruma Tower Floor 2) - Drops PoBs.

For Cruma Swamp, there is only worthwhile codex to grind here due to the abundance of its spawn.

Lv 84: Swamp Killer - Drops Morgan Core & Quest Scrolls.

Next up is Summit of Dissonance. You'll be staying here for a while because there are a lot of good Codex monsters here.

Lv 90: Black Leopard - Drops Summit Attacker & Quest Scrolls.

Lv 90: Tanor Sentinel - Drops Tartan Core & Quest Scrolls.

Lv 94: Kankoon's Elite Soldier - Drops Thaartan Core & Quest Scrolls.

The last map for this patch is Shrieking Hallows so try to complete all the Codex monsters here.

Lv 104 Tortured Mandragora - Drops Screamer Core & Quest Scrolls.

Lv 104 Dicor of Sorrow - Drops Flora Core & Quest Scrolls.

Lv 112 Resurrected Specter - Drops Cowboy Core & Quest Scrolls.

Lv 112 Doom Servant - Drops Jonadan Core & Quest Scrolls.

Lv 112 Ominous Willow - Drops Shrieking Treant Core & Quest Scrolls.

Lv 116 Nerkas Necromancer - Drops Balthazar Core & Quest Scrolls.

Lv 116 Relentless Specter - Drops Seamstress Core & Quest Scrolls.

Cruma Tower Floor 3

Lv 112 Validus Guard - Drops Grezo Core.

Lv 120 Deranged Meforde - Drops PoBs.

Lv 128 Rorka - Drops Magnus Core & PoBs.